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Dispatch & Delivery Information.

Dispatch & Delivery Information.

Products are delivered to the address indicated by the user at the time the order is placed.

Dispatch times:
Are 3 to 5 working days, these delivery times are provided for informational purposes only. We will send an e-mail to inform the user the order has been dispatched.


Most of the orders are being dispatched from our warehouses in Japan, China, And Hong Kong, 
List of Countries with Free Shipping

Countries Free Shipping Approx Shipping Time
America 15-35 day's
Australia 15-35 day's
Austria 15-35 day's
Belgium 15-35 day's
Bulgaria 15-35 day's
Canada 15-35 day's
Denamark 15-35 day's
Estonia 15-35 day's
Finland 15-35 day's
France 15-35 day's
Germany 15-35 day's
Greece 15-35 day's
Hungary 15-35 day's
Ireland 15-35 day's
Spain 15-35 day's
Israel 15-35 day's
Italy 15-35 day's
Japan 15-35 day's
Latvia 15-35 day's
Lithuania 15-35 day's
Luxembourg 15-35 day's
Mexico 15-35 day's
Netherlands 15-35 day's
New Zealand 15-35 day's
Norway 15-35 day's
Poland 15-35 day's
Romania 15-35 day's
Russia 15-35 day's
Singapore 15-35 day's
Slovakia 15-35 day's
Slovenia 15-35 day's
Spain 15-35 day's
Sweden 15-35 day's
Switzerland 15-35 day's
United Kingdom 15-35 day's
Please Note: shipping may take longer sometimes, this is an estimated time frame.
If you don't you see the country you want to ship, on the list, you can contact us by sending an email to Shipping to the rest of the world is £7.95

Quality Assurance:
In order to ensure that products arrive in perfect condition and are protected during transport, all products are carefully packed. Customers must check the packaging and the products at the time of delivery. This information is also stated in our Terms & Conditions.

Taxes & Duties:
International orders may be subject to customs clearance which can cause delays beyond the estimated delivery time.
Customs fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Packages Arriving Separately:
>In order to eliminate shipping fees, some orders make come in a few different packages.
>Some Product may come from a different warehouse