8 color LED Toilet Night Light with Motion & Light Activated Sensor

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The toilet bowl night light is perfect for guiding your way to the bathroom during the night.  It is motion activated and also lights sensitive so it only turns on when it truly needs to.  It will give your home a nice and luxurious look while helping you use the toilet at night.


1. Auto-sensing system: it will turn on when you close, auto off when you leave 
2. 8 Colors light emission: 8 colours light in turn, the shell is white 
3. Energy-saving and useful: it makes your bathroom easy to access via the auto-sensing device, smart and considerate 
4. Flexibly bent for more convenience 
5. Sanitary design: easy to clean 
6. Very smart device for you all 
7. Suitable for all bathrooms: home, hotel, restaurant, coffee house, etc. 
8.Sensor Toilet Light, by Human Motion Activated. it only works with the human being reaction on the darkness. 
9. please use thin aaa, when you can not cover the back well. 


Material: ABS 
Light Source: LED 
Voltage: 4.5V 
Power: 1W 
Light Color: 8 colors 8-color light in turn,you can also fix one color you desire 
Power Supply: 3*AAA Batteries (Not Included) 
Sense Distance: 3meters 
Dimensions: 7.5*5.5*8.5cm